Preston's 7 Stage Clean

1. Industrial hoover of complete area to  be cleaned - four passes in four different directions (north, south, east, west) also paying close attention to all the edges

2. Thorough inspection of carpet to treat individual stains and application of spot cleaner

3. Chemical treatment of all areas to be cleaned - using professional food based cleaning agents specific for your carpet & upholstery type

4. Agitation to dislodge any soil (dirt) particles that may be adhering to the fibres; 

  • maximising penetration of chemical cleaner for thorough removal of dirt, soil and stains
  • to help with pile restoration

5. Using industry leading, low moisture extraction machine, removing cleaning chemicals and other residue that may have been left in the carpet previously, to;

  • thoroughly deep clean the carpet 
  • deactivate chemicals applied
  • minimise drying times

6. Brush carpet to restore pile in direction of carpet weave

7. Dry using professional turbo driers so that carpet is usable within approx. 1-hour (depending on outside temperature)

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