Why choose Preston's?


Ultimate, industry-leading technology and processes

Preston's have invested in the latest and most powerful, portable carpet cleaning technologies on the market today. 

Prior to quoting, we carry out a full precleaning survey to identify the appropriate treatments, as these differ depending on your specific carpet and upholstery materials.

Has your carpet been cleaned, was it rinsed correctly?

Carpets and upholstery are fully rinsed after cleaning to neutralize any cleaning chemicals and residues. This prevents rapid resoiling and staining. It restores the pH of the carpet to neutral to prevent reactivation of chemicals within the carpet, thus protecting your family and pets from exposure to harmful chemicals. 

Preston's always carry out pH testing at the initial survey and after cleaning has been completed.

Professional agitation machine - why agitate?

To thoroughly deep-clean a carpet the cleaning chemicals need to penetrate to the bottom of the pile/fibres. A machine agitator ensures this happens - this industry-leading, Pro 35 CRB agitator ensures it happens to the optimal level and provides a number of benefits;

  • agitating brushes lift and restore the pile
  • cleaning chemicals are worked deep into the pile
  • soiling is gently detached from the fibres ready for extraction
  • extraction is much quicker and requires less water, meaning the carpet is left drier
  • the agitator's mechanical action means a gentler cleaning process is used, preserving the carpet pile, unlike zero dry-time methods which use rotary cleaners.

Airflex Storm extraction machine

Our Airflex Storm cleaning machine is immensely powerful, producing up to 800 psi so that the water penetrates deep-down into the carpet pile, to help dislodge any dirt and particles   

Powerful twin vacuum pumps

Double the power of most professional carpet cleaning machines - pulls more water out of the carpet during the cleaning/rinsing process, optimizing dirt/chemical extraction and reducing drying times significantly 

Magma heater

Our hot water Magma heater produces temperatures of up to 110 degrees C to speed up the cleaning process, easily cutting through heavy, greasy soiling - with the power to remove wax, Blu Tack and even chewing gum.